Helping Animals After Hiring Michael Vick?

ABC's Tom Shine from Washington:

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that Joe Banner, the owner of the Philadelphia Eagles, and senior vice president for public affairs Pamela Brown Crawley, invited 20 animal welfare groups to the NovaCare Complex yesterday for a two-hour roundtable to determine how the Eagles can use their power and money to help animals. The article says the meeting did not focus on Vick but instead dealt with what the team and its owners could do to "eradicate dogfighting." Tom Hickey Sr. who founded DogPAC told the paper that he was encouraged by the meeting because "the Eagles separated what Vick will do in the community from how the Eagles will contribute." He said he was skeptical going into the meeting but he left with a "good feeling that they will focus on the local problem." And apparently there is a local problem. Philadelphia District Attorney Lynne Abraham said just last Sunday night police raided a house in Germantown and found dead and injured pit bulls. And apparently Tony Dungy is watching Michael Vick very closely. USA TODAY says after Dungy read an article that said Vick was spotted drinking an alcoholic beverage in a Philadelphia airport bar, he warned Vick not to present a negative image. "Michael you can't do that," he said.

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