Watch Our Fact Check Series -- All in One Place

Each day this week we've run a " Fact Check" report about health care -- trying to cut through the many rumors about health care reform to give you the facts.

We examined euthanasia and Obama's new health plan -- is there any truth behind rumored "death panels"?

We checked to see how the new health care bill would affect your insurance -- can you keep your current plan if you want to?

With ads flooding the t.v. airwaves, we checked to see if any of them were true -- or even straightforward.

And we looked at how abortion and health care are intertwined -- could tax payer dollars be used to fund abortions?

Chime in a tell us what you think. Did you find this "Fact Check" series helpful? What do you think about health care reform? If the bill passes, do you think it will help you?

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