Are Robo-Calls Coming to an End?

ABC's Lisa Chinn reports from Washington:

Starting today. September 1st -- those pre-recorded phone calls you sometimes receive may be going away, thanks to a new Federal Trade Commission rule.

Under the rule, “robo-calls” are prohibited, with several exceptions. Those include any calls that you have given your written agreement to receive -- and written agreement includes anything you might have agreed to electronically -- so remember to make sure you read all the fine print and ‘checked boxes’ in any business you conduct -- both in print and online.

Pre-recorded calls that provide specific information -- such as school closings, plane departures and arrivals or weather alerts are also exempt.

Other pre-recorded calls not covered by today’s rule include calls made by: political organizations, most charitable organizations, banks and telephone companies, as well as certain calls made by health care organizations.

That’ll leave room on the old answering machine, right?

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