Today is 09/09/09, Oh My!

ABC's Bradley Blackburn reports from New York:


If you haven't noticed yet, today is a special day. It's 09/09/09, the rarest of days when writing a check might actually be fun. It's an attention grabbing date that occurs only once a century, and it's the last time we'll see a string of single digits as a date until January 1, 2101.

Marketers have been quick to see the commercial potential of the eye-catching date. The Beatles Rock Band video game hits store shelves today, and the animated movie '9' opens in theaters. Apple, Inc. has even rescheduled a planned announcement to take advantage of a memorable date -- it's expected to unveil its latest iPod models.

Across the country, many couples are choosing this unique day to tie the knot. In Florida, one county clerk plans a wedding special for $99.99. Maybe today's newlywed-husbands hope that those lucky nines mean they'll never forget an anniversary.

So does 09/09/09 have any special meaning to you? Give us your thoughts below.

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