Swine Flu Vaccine is Finally Here. Are You Getting it?

It begins this morning. A hospital in Memphis and one in Indianapolis are among the first spots in the country to vaccinate for the H1N1 Swine Flu. The first batch of vaccine – at these two locations – will be Flu Mist and it will be given to hospital staff. In the days to come the first wave of the vaccine – again mostly nasal spray – will begin arriving to doctor’s offices, pharmacies and health centers across the country. It will be a trickle at first but in the weeks ahead millions upon millions of doses will become available.

That’s the logistics of getting the vaccine out. But whether people take the vaccines is another question. The CDC is concerned about hesitation (and outright refusal) on the part of many Americans towards getting the shot. The nation’s health officials say the vaccine is safe, that it is a variation of the normal seasonal flu vaccine, which is well tested and understood, and that Americans should get it. Still, a recent survey found 6 in 10 adults say they are not getting it, as well as 4 in 10 parents who are saying no. The vaccine is 100% voluntary. Thoughts?

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