Charlie Gibson Signs Off From 'World News'

After nearly 35 years at ABC News, Charlie Gibson signed off from “World News” this evening. He joined ABC News in 1975 and has served as the anchor of "World News" since May 2006.

His closing note from the end of tonight’s broadcast is below:

As has been mentioned a time or six over the past week -- this is my last broadcast in this chair. And it's hard to walk away from what I honestly think is the best job in the world -- but my parents taught me you should understay -- not overstay your welcome. And there is so much to do. In the years I have left, I don't want to miss any of it.

It has been a privilege and an honor to be here working with reporters, producers and staff for whom I have unbounded respect. This is for them -- as it has been for me -- as it was for Frank Reynolds, as it was for Peter Jennings -- a labor of love.

I thank you for investing trust in us each evening -- trust that we will give you as objective and honest a look at the day's news as we possibly can. Objectivity is not universally in favor in our business these days. But it is critically important. It is what we strive for each night. It is my hope -- that is what you have looked for -- and that is what you have found when you have come to ABC's "World News."

You'll find it with my pal Diane Sawyer who assumes this chair on Monday.

I leave with great gratitude for you who watch us each evening and for ABC News which has been such a wonderful place to work for the past third of a century.

I think we have something the producers have put together coming up. But before that I would simply say -- that is World News for this Friday. I'm Charles Gibson and I hope you've had a good day. I've had so many good days here. For all of us at ABC News -- have a great weekend and a joyous holiday season.

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