Quotes of the Day: "That... Would Be Political Suicide"

“Forget the plummeting fortunes of Democrat Martha Coakley, or the pickup-truck rumblings stirred by Republican Scott Brown: We have a presidency cast in stark relief Tuesday in Massachusetts, and an agenda in the balance.” -- Rick Klein, ABC News

“Some believe they can still pass health care even if their candidate, Martha Coakley, loses the Senate race in Massachusetts on Tuesday. “ That, of course, would be political suicide. It would be the act of a party so arrogant, elitist and contemptuous of popular wisdom that it would not deserve to govern. Marie Antoinette would applaud, but voters would rage.” -- David Brooks, The New York Times

“Let's remove all doubt, we will have health care -- one way or another.” -- House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, insisting that the Massachusetts vote won’t change things

"Nobody wants to come to Port-au-Prince. There is nothing here. No food to buy. No work. No nothing." -- Haitian bus driver Michel Pierre Andre, whose return route from the city of Jeremie is free of passengers

"There's no way to stop the looting, but we're here to try to slow it down." -- Louis-Jean Ephesian, a Haiti National Police officer patrolling Dessaline Boulevard

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