Groom Says Bearded Bride Duped Him

ABC's Lama Hasan reports from Cairo:

Ah weddings. Usually they conjure up images of a beautiful, gushing bride decked out in her finest gown and jewels.

Usually being the operative word here because that was not the case for one Arab ambassador in the United Arab Emirates.

The ambassador got more than he bargained for when he found out that his niqab-wearing wife-to-be was cross eyed and sporting a not-so-fashionable beard.

You may be wondering why he failed to find out this crucial bit of information? The ambassador claims that when they were courting she had her entire face covered. It was only after their marriage contract had been signed that he leaned in to kiss her and made the discovery.

So what’s a groom to do when he finds out that the lady in question is not to his liking? Why, call off the marriage, of course.

The Gulf News website reports that the ambassador reneged the marriage contract after claiming he was deceived and duped into marrying another woman. His mother had reportedly been shown pictures of the bride’s sister: it was an unfortunate case of mistaken identity.

The ambassador has since sued saying he’s suffered emotional and moral damage and demanded that his former wife cough up $136,000 for the gifts he lavished her with including clothes and jewellery.

But to add insult to injury, he even requested the court refer her to a specialist and check for hormonal deficiencies.

The tests came back negative. Who said romance was dead?

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