Wheelchair-Bound Model Featured in Department Store Ad Campaign

ABC's Marlei Martinez reports from London:

Curvaceous is now ‘in.’ Take V Magazine’s recent “ Size Issue ” for example. In their revolutionary “Curves Ahead” spread, the magazine displayed full-bodied women adorning glamorous jewellery, shoes and swimwear. For the first time, thicker and softer was being accepted in the fashion world, well at least, in the form of marketing.

But today London department store Debenhams became the first UK retailer to use a disabled model in a photo campaign to advertise a range by British designer Ben de Lisi. Shannon Murray, 32, and her wheelchair can be seen in several shop windows alongside Kate Fullman, a size 14 model, Tess Montgomery, a petite model and Tokumbo Daniel, a size 8 model.

Murray has been confined to her wheelchair since she broke her neck as a teenager. But with this new campaign, she won’t be confined from the public eye much longer.

“We cater for women of all shapes and sizes, young and old, non-disabled and disabled so we wanted our windows to reflect this choice,” Michael Sharp, Debenhams’ Deputy Chief Executive said.

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