Live Blogging the Longest Tennis Match in History

ABC’s Gloria Riviera is live blogging from Wimbledon:

You'd think all eyes would be on Centre Court which has seen the likes of Venus Williams and Andy Roddick play today, but no! All eyes are on Court 18 and the longest match in Grand Slam Tournament history.

The first-round match between John Isner of the U.S. and Nicolas Mahut of France is now the longest match in the history of tennis. Their match has lasted 2 days and more than 9.5 hours.

3:03pm: 50-50. Lucky enough to be watching at Wimbledon (my day off I swear!) They have been on this set 3 hours 40 minutes - longest game on record. Break point for Mahut...and the American holds!

3:29pm: So far today the fifth set has lasted six hours long and counting, but here's the amazing part: after 53+ games the two players are still serving at speed and pulling off some crowd pleasing winners. It's standing room only and Isner is at looking at a possible break right now --maybe it’s all the bananas he's been eating -- seriously, it's like nothing I've seen before.

3:46pm: The guy next to me just noted the umpire has not been out of his chair the entire time. The American Isner is looking a bit tired (okay, understandable) but Mahut appears super focused. Can this go to 60? I think it's getting to be past the ball boy's bed time.

3:49pm: Isner is looking pretty despondent -- hangs his head with every shot lost. They stop when the senior umpire calls final light. Last year for Andy Murray it was 9:40pm.

4:13pm: With the fifth set approaching the six-hour mark, Isner took a 50-49 lead when the scoreboard went out. Perhaps, even the scoreboard couldn't believe those numbers.

The match began last night, but was suspended after four sets because of darkness. Isner, from the United States, won the first set 6-4. Then, Mahut of France won the next two sets, 6-3, 7-6, before Isner tied it 7-6. The first four sets were completed in about three hours.

Both players staggered around the court as the fifth set surpassed the six-hour mark, shattering just about every tennis record imaginable for points, aces, match-points, etc. The match is in danger of being suspended to the third day.

4:21pm Ahhhhh! The crowd was chanting, "Keep playing!" But the game was called with the moon in the sky. At the end Isner had his chance and so did Mahut but the two just couldn't finish it - or eachother. So tomorrow it goes on. I'd bet some serious ice packs are being prepped right now for both players.

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