Why the Blown Call is Good for Baseball

ABC's John Berman blogs from New York:

I don't think there has been anywhere near enough attention given to what a marvelous thing happened in Detroit last night. (Read to the end for my actual point.)

Sure an ump blew a call (a decent ump, by most accounts by the way), and a kid missed a chance at a perfect game. Armando Galarraga will never be mentioned in the same sentence now as the immortal Len Barker.

The net impact on competition is essentially zero; the game lasted about 2 extra minutes and the Tigers still won.

And yes, we will now be subjected to debates about whether there should be a greater use of instant replay in baseball (a debate that is only kind of interesting for about 4 and a half minutes of shouting on talk radio.)

But the most amazing thing that happened (truly wonderful and unusual if you ask me), is that Jim Joyce immediately and sincerely apologized for blowing the call, and Galarraga immediately accepted the apology and they hugged!

This never happens in baseball, and let's face it, rarely happens in life. A dude in a sport filled with puffed-up chests issued a heartfelt apology, admitting his mistakes. What a fantastic example of sportsmanship! What a great example for kids.

You might say, that one man missed a chance to be perfect, but two men seized the chance to be good. And for my money, being good in life trumps being perfect in baseball.

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