Creator of ‘Jesus Toaster’ Selling Miracles

ABC's Jessica Hopper reports:

Galen Dively was wrapping Christmas presents last year when he conceived of his company, Burnt Impressions, a collection of toasters that sear images on bread like the peace sign.

While wrapping a Hello Kitty toaster for the daughter of his wife’s cousin, Galen Dively said he thought it would be great for a toaster “to have a cannabis leaf on it.”

From there, Dively’s idea snowballed into a company of quirky toasters. Dively’s latest invention, the Jesus Toaster, is creating buzz and in the process becoming a bestseller. Dively said that he’s sold a thousand of the toasters that put an image of Jesus on your morning toast.

“I’ve always been interested in natural phenomena of religious images popping up in nature and on objects,” Dively said from his home in Vermont.

He said that the toaster is meant in good fun and most of the response has been positive.

“Born again Christians call me up and can’t wait to get their Jesus toaster,” he said.

Still, the inventor acknowledges that there have been some blog postings calling his work sacrilegious.

“I hate hurting people’s feelings, it’s really a natural parody to the phenomenon to see Jesus everywhere and I’m surprised that I’m the first person to think of it and put it out there,” Dively said.

The husband and father of three said that his wife was a little skeptical at first but supports his business.

Dively’s three kids go to Catholic school and so far the school hasn’t bought any of the toasters.

“I’m sure I’m going to donate some to their Christmas bazaar this year,” Dively laughed.

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