Man's Best Dance Partner? Dancing Dog Goes Viral

ABC's Xorje Olivares reports from New York:

It’s the kind of viral video that will have you barking with excitement, the incredible sight that will leave you rolling over from laughter—a dog named Carrie dancing to the Latin rhythms of merengue.

In a new video making the rounds today, Carrie can be seen with her owner and dance partner José Fuentes dancing about before a crowd gathered at a parking lot.

Dressed in a green sequined outfit lined with gold tulle, Carrie turns and dips like a seasoned pro, remaining on her hind legs for the majority of the three-minute routine to the song, ‘El Baile del Perrito,’ or ‘The Doggie Dance.’

How do you get a dog to dance like that? Fuentes has said that he doesn’t reward Carrie with treats – just love and affection.

Carrie and Fuentes performed a similar routine on Univisión’s popular variety show ‘Sabado Gigante’ starring Chilean media icon Don Francisco. Oddly enough, actress Sofia Vergara of ABC’s ‘ Modern Family’ was on hand to witness the spectacle.

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