Daily Roundtable: Clinton v. Obama

The Clinton-Obama tension is rising on the campaign trail, with the Clinton camp still trying to spin the Bill Shaheen flap.

You can read about Clinton's apology to Obama here.The New York Times' Caucus blog explains the escalating situation.And ABC's Rick Klein tells a tale of two Clinton strategies.

In other campaign news, Elizabeth Edwards is out and about, and Chelsea Clinton goes commercial.

Finally, I am delighted to tell you that according to RonPaulBlimp.com, the blimp is in the air! ABC's Z. Byron Wolf details the drama. Now I really must end this post, because they are promising live blimp feeds, and I have priorities.

As for your Daily Roundtable discussion topics- let's go with Clinton v. Obama: Who is winning the current battle? Will it matter in the ultimate campaign war? Is Clinton vulnerable? Discuss. Also, please feel free (and encouraged) to discuss any and all blimp-related topics.

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