Madeleine McCann: Was She Stolen to Order for Pedophile Ring?

By Stephen Webb, ABC News London

More leads in the Madeleine McCann case emerged today. Newly released documents mentioned a potential sighting in Brussels, Belgium, reported just days after the British girl vanished. It has also been reported that an informant told British police that Madeleine had been  "stolen to order" by an international pedophile ring.Madeleine McCann disappeared in May 2007 while on holiday in Portugal with her parents. She was 3 years old at the time.

The investigation by Portuguese police had  been shelved,  but this month they released a 20,000 page dossier detailing their enquiries. As the dossier is gradually examined, new details have been reported by the media.

According to the Reuters News Agency, an unnamed source told British police that a spotter had taken photographs of Madeleine while she was on holiday and sent them to a pedophile ring in Belgium. The informant said the ring then ordered her kidnapping three days later on May 3, 2007. Speaking to ABC News, police confirmed they'd  passed on the information to Portuguese police but it was “unsubstantiated information” and that “all possible lines of enquiry were conducted”.The U.K. newspaper the Daily Mail reported that a Belgium woman, Line Compere, 31, had told local police she saw a young girl with blue eyes and blond hair on a tram in Brussels at about 8.45  a.m. May 15, 2007. On June 1 , 2007,  she told police: “When I saw the photo, it immediately jumped out to me that there was a big resemblance to the little girl on the tram.”

More details from the case notes, as well as potential leads, are likely to emerge soon.

Photo Credit: Associated Press

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