Paw Express for Berlin's Pampered Pooches

By CHRISTEL KUCHARZ, ABC News Producer, Germany

Paw Express – an exclusive shuttle bus for pets was introduced in Berlin Monday.

A specially designed bus with 40 separate cabins offering soothing classical music and comfortable rugs will take pets to their day care center, which is located on the outskirts of Berlin.

In what is believed to be the first bus service for dogs and cats in Germany, the Pfötchen Hotel -- or paw hotel -- in Berlin now offers this rather exclusive service.

“All you have to do is to take your pet to the bus stop in the morning and pick it up at night,” explains Ute Seemann, manager at the paw hotel. “ We’ll do the rest to make sure your pet is well taken care of.”

“The cabins are spacious enough for even the biggest dogs. Each cabin has a window for fresh air, but there’s also air conditioning and heating, and there’s an audio system to play soothing classical music during the ride to the day care center."

“The first, and only, passenger on Monday was fox terrier Amy, who enjoyed the ride so much, she was wagging her tail like mad. But today we already had two new customers,” Seemann told ABC News.

She described the reaction of Berlin’s pet owners as quite encouraging all the more as the price tag of $20 a day is not scaring off new customers.

“We’ve had many calls since we launched our new service, and we’ve even had a few bookings already. In fact, one dog owner, who lives in downtown Berlin has booked our new service for one year.”

The Paw Express owners expect business to boom in the coming months.

“Berlin is a place where many people with pets have full-time jobs, so we expect that we’ll be fully booked over the next six to eight weeks. Right now, we have four bus stops, which are easy to get to, located all over the city, but we could expand that, too, depending on the requests we’re getting.”

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