Brutal Impact, an Iraqi Heavy-Metal Band, Hits the Stage


Periods of musical silence in Baghdad are slowly being broken: The second heavy-metal gig since the fall of Saddam Hussein’s regime will hit the stage Oct. 24, performed by a band whose name appropriately reflects Iraq’s situation.

Brutal Impact consists of five members -- Lateef on drums, Mahmood on rhythm guitar, Muthana on vocal, Rami on lead guitar and Rafi on bass. Although the fragile security situation is still an obstacle, according to Lateef, the five band mates decided to go ahead with their gig no matter what.

Advertisements for the gig have been glued near CD stores in Baghdad to get the attention of rock music fans. The tickets, costing $12, will be sold at Hindreen Music shop, which is Baghdad’s guitar center, as well as at Babylon CD store.

The band will cover songs by popular bands like Metallica. Many rock fans have waited a long time for such a concert to vent their anger and frustration – what better way to do it other than head-banging among friends?!

The band members told ABC News that they are excited but nervous because of the tenuous security situation in Baghdad. Still, by performing they intend to show the world that there are many heavy-metal enthusiasts in Iraq, many of whom they hope will turn up to hear them play Oct. 24.

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