Secretary Clinton "Dahsyat" in Indonesia

By Margaret Conley, ABC News, Indonesia As part of her visit to Indonesia, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appeared as a guest on the hit variety TV show “ Dahsyat,” or “Awesome.”  She spoke from an intimate stage filled primarily with young women. 

"What is your favorite music and artist?" asked host Luna Maya. "I'm older than you are,” Clinton said smiling, ”so I have many likes in music.  When I work I listen to classical music because I find it very soothing.  My husband can listen to jazz and rock 'n' roll and concentrate." She cited her favorites as the likes of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, to applause. On a more serious note, RCTI TV’s Isyana Bagoes Oka asked Clinton, “Your visit to Indonesia is part of your first trip as U.S. secretary of state … can we perceive that as signifying a new direction in U.S. foreign policy – are you trying to be on better terms with a Muslim country?” “If you want to see democracy and Islam and modernity and women's rights all co-existing in one place in the world, come to Indonesia,” Clinton replied, “because this is the place that I think is more about the future than many places right now in the world.” As ABC's Martha Raddatz reports, "Hillary Clinton came to Indonesia promising closer ties and a greater openness with the predominantly Muslim nation.  She certainly showed that herself today." Clinton’s 24-hour visit included a meeting with Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, who is currently running for reelection. She also held a news conference with Foreign Minister Hassan Wirayuda, attended dinner at the capital’s National Archive Building and toured a Jakarta kampung, or neighborhood. Among the many topics on the table for Clinton in Indonesia: the economy, climate change, democracy and development.  She also noted that the Peace Corps would resume in Indonesia after shutting down here in 1965. While there were a few small scattered protests around town, the secretary was largely welcomed.  Her trip was linked to ties to President Barack Obama, or Barry, as he is known here from his childhood years. Students from the Besuki elementary school Obama attended greeted her at the airport.  The children sang songs and waved mini Indonesian and American flags as they cheered. “How do you perceive your former rival, now that you are working together?” asked Isyana. "We had an incredibly intense competition,” Clinton answered, “but in a democracy, somebody has to win, and somebody has to lose.” And the question asked over and over again, but not definitely answered, was now that the way has been paved by the new administration, when will it be President Obama’s turn to visit?

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