'Secret Empire': Marvel's Axel Alonso and Nick Spencer talk about that shocking Captain America twist

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WATCH Inside Marvel: Big reveal in 'Secret Empire' designed to provoke questions

If you haven't read "Secret Empire" issue 2, the this may be a good time to stop reading.

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Major spoilers ahead.

In the latest issue of the series, which follows the exploits of Captain America (who is now running Hydra and has turned his back on much of his former Avengers teammates), fans may have gotten their first glimpse of positive things to come.

Captain America's history was distorted by the Red Skull, who used a cosmic cube to change events dating back to his childhood and manipulate him into the loyal Hydra agent he is today. Tony Stark, Hawkeye and others think he can be saved, while Black Widow and her growing following does not.

The fact that Marvel's golden boy is now working with a historically evil organization has obviously formed a significant rift in the Marvel Universe and caused fans to rethink their loyalty to one of the most iconic superheros in history.

But, then issue 2 happened and that last page reveal!

VIDEO: Inside Marvel: Big reveal in Secret Empire designed to provoke questionsPlay
Inside Marvel: Big reveal in 'Secret Empire' designed to provoke questions

At the end of a jam-packed book, which saw Black Widow begin her crusade to take down Cap and his Hydra team, while others like Iron Man seek to save their once ally, we got a glimpse at what could be a new Steve Rogers or some alternate version? The answer to this is still unknown.

So, this new Steve Rogers, who saves a damsel in distress at the end of issue 2, says "I'm just trying to get home," which could mean a myriad of things. He looks to be the read deal, but where is this happening and how.

There might be another version of Steve Rogers, or he could be from another timeline, or this could be in his head, so many choices.

VIDEO: Inside Marvel: Secret Empire writer Nick Spencer recaps the series up to issue 2Play
Inside Marvel: 'Secret Empire' writer Nick Spencer recaps the series up to issue 2

ABC News sat down with Marvel editor-in-chief Axel Alonso, Captain America writer Nick Spencer during another episode of "Inside Marvel" to get them to spill the beans. That didn't happen but they teased some minor clues. Watch the full episode below.

Here's a preview of issue 3, which hits newsstands and stores next month.

VIDEO: Inside Marvel: Exclusive preview of Secret Empire issue 3Play
Inside Marvel: Exclusive preview of 'Secret Empire' issue 3

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