Ahmad Al-Koud/UNICEF
  • A child plays with a toy gun in my neighborhood. I feel sad because so many of us experienced it in real life in Syria, including very small children.

    ABC News partnered with UNICEF to give kids in the Za'atari refugee camp in Jordan cameras to document their lives. The kids created intimate portraits of those around them. The captions are summaries of their descriptions, translated from Arabic into English.
    Ahmad Al-Koud/UNICEF
  • At sunset, a boy about my age transports items on a wheelbarrow to earn money. There are many boys in the camp who work part time or full time to support their family.
    Ahmad Al-Koud/UNICEF
  • A sweet little neighbor of mine.
    Reem Al-Hariri/UNICEF
  • A selfie in a mirror.
    Mariam Al-Hariri/UNICEF
  • My friend at the bodybuilding and fitness center where we go every morning.
    Ahmad Al-Shareh Daham/UNICEF
  • A child with his pink balloon. Such a lovely sight.
    Mariam Al-Hariri/UNICEF
  • A group of quintuplets – a very rare situation in Za'atari and, I guess, anywhere in the world.
    Enaam Al Khalil/UNICEF
  • A girl wanted me to take her picture in the street.
    Diana Rzeiq/UNICEF
  • A selfie I took with my friend, Ahmad Al-Shareh Daham, who also took part in the photo project. Ahmad was my first friend when I came to the camp, and we've been friends for over two and a half years. I have many other friends now, but Ahmad will always be my first and best friend.
    Khalil Al-Refaie/UNICEF
  • A young boy helps his father in the shop.
    Riham Fyad/UNICEF
  • My friend and I pose for a photo.
    Khalid Barghash/UNICEF
  • Sha'am, my beautiful little sister.
    Qasem Mohd Rzaeq/UNICEF
  • One of my best friends, Mohammad, left. We always hang out together. Editor's note: Maher El-Rzayek is pictured in the center.
    Maher El-Rzayek/UNICEF
  • My sister Farah. She is the sweetest girl in the world.
    Marah Barghash/UNICEF
  • My cousin and the plants behind him. He looked so funny.
    Mohammad Al Hamid/UNICEF
  • My 3 1/2-year-old sister Arwa'a wanted me to take a picture of her. You can also see the plants planted by my father.
    Yamn Barghash/UNICEF
  • Two of my little neighbors wanted me to take a picture of them. They were returning from one of the learning centers.
    Mohammad Baraa/UNICEF
  • My cousin Ghaith loves eating chips.
    Enaam Al Khalil/UNICEF
  • Two children transport carpets on a wheelbarrow in District 4 around 10 in the morning.
    Riham Fyad/UNICEF
  • A young girl in our neighborhood.
    Khaldeya Ali/UNICEF
  • My friend Marah Barghash, who also took part in this activity. She is a very jolly girl.
    Aya Aboud/UNICEF
  • My brother loves riding on his toy tricycle.
    Ali Al-Maghtari/UNICEF
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