Aya Barghash/UNICEF
  • A colorful, water-themed painting on one the organization offices.

    ABC News partnered with UNICEF to give kids in the Za'atari refugee camp in Jordan digital cameras to document their lives. Murals are scattered throughout Za’atari. Some are decorative and thought-provoking, while others are used to mark the streets. Nearly every child who received a camera from ABC News took photos of these murals — bright spots in the otherwise bleak landscape. The captions are summaries of their descriptions, translated from Arabic into English.
    Maher El-Rzayek/UNICEF
  • We have to do whatever we can to take care of plants. It is the source of life.
    Aya Barghash/UNICEF
  • This caravan looks so beautiful with the painting. There is a project where artists and painters go all around the camp making our caravans look beautiful.
    Ali Al Sees/UNICEF
  • This is the street with the water theme. I love the paintings on this street. They make me feel cool in the heat.
    Mohammad Al-Nmrene/UNICEF
  • I find this picture so inspiring. I think of it as symbolizing jumping over our hurdles and problems.
    Sajeda AlKhalil/UNICEF
  • This painting reminds me of a castle back in Syria.
    Salam El Farwan/UNICEF
  • A painting depicting nature and greenery on one of the caravans in the camp.
    Bashar Theab/UNICEF
  • The murals on this street in the camp have a buildings theme.
    Hamza El-Sees/UNICEF
  • This sign says "Schools Street." All of the caravan paintings on this street have a school and education theme.
    Ali Al Sees/UNICEF
  • It makes me smile when I see this happy and sideways cartoon face. Sometimes it looks scary too.
    Maher El-Rzayek/UNICEF
  • The mural reads, "Space for Change." I think we've all changed a lot.
    Malak AlKatree/UNICEF
  • I love this painting as it says "hello" in so many languages. It means we can at least greet people, no matter where they come from.
    Salam El Farwan/UNICEF
  • A painting on one of the caravans reminded me of a castle we used to visit back in Syria.
    Qasem Mohd Rzaeq/UNICEF
  • This painting on a caravan reminds me of a place in Syria where we went for a family picnic.
    Reem Al-Hariri/UNICEF
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