Disney Imagineer on Pandora -The World of Avatar

ABC News' Genevieve Brown talks to Disney Imagineer Joe Rohde about the new must-see attractions at Pandora: The World of Avatar.
6:24 | 05/24/17

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Transcript for Disney Imagineer on Pandora -The World of Avatar
I think I am Kennedy round problem I'm not there. I came here at indoor of the world. It is that I'm. Don't feel. Giovanni. Blood and that's. Ordinary. I was very very rather hunt. Come together and be able to hear the reaction people who. So what are their react to what he's hearing. Which is exactly what. You are in. I just came off when it happens and it Liz and me being one. You have to always remember him. Any story you average. Have got to start. Start a story like that remember that other story you start. Tremendous effort has gone into making sure that this land stands on its home that your first. Can let nature of an unusual. You can understand the nature of the avatars by coming here what it means the life wouldn't. I would not support food cartons indigenous people would not be all of that you can get from. And all the emotions all the feelings all the ideas that make you break they're here to you don't need to bring anything that's our job to do that. With a night. Can happen. This stands on its own first morning of your experience. Eight working for this. Long a. Cameron ever chooses. And the reason. The story is. It won't all those people. Our story there's been generally. Learn from the nominee and to learn from this place. Stewards of our own planet to have their own. Experience portable. I'll grab animals plants that you. You might never. Why animals. Wi-Fi only. Everything that. It never goes. First value is the intrinsic. This idea that nature of the value. Cannot be rated it his permanent it is separate. The second value this idea of psychologically. Two. The news to experience something you've never done something. If you do and the third principle is that the story is about you what happened. You work your personal story where your ass about or consider the board to. So when you think about those values those are the values. Under the movie. About eight. About a personal. This film. Look like animal kingdom with the bomb. People are going to be coming here for the first time they've got to now work. Well of course your favorite. Yeah and you have to experience the two primary. Remarkably. A flying over the and you have to experience the not a river journey vote. We'll report and for the intoxicating song. Amazing statement. Reward extraordinary levels. Here that is that the level of the microbe hairs. Damon flower. You walk right under. Laying here he moved back while it. Play at half let me. Now. What we'll look at apple I think everybody from watching a lot like coming up slightly. And are today eighteen.

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{"id":47610692,"title":"Disney Imagineer on Pandora -The World of Avatar","duration":"6:24","description":"ABC News' Genevieve Brown talks to Disney Imagineer Joe Rohde about the new must-see attractions at Pandora: The World of Avatar.","url":"/Lifestyle/video/disney-imagineer-pandora-world-avatar-47610692","section":"Lifestyle","mediaType":"default"}