New roller coaster GaleForce opens on Jersey Shore boardwalk

ABC News' Genevieve Brown hosts from Ocean City, New Jersey.
4:44 | 06/21/17

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Transcript for New roller coaster GaleForce opens on Jersey Shore boardwalk
Everybody that he shop around here from the ocean city New Jersey have played and played well. Here tonight a brand new about it was here on Neal Boortz. Just open this summer they the first day of summer they were writing up together and it's a beautiful spectacular summer as. I'm a little bit nervous I'm not much in a poster person. Actually tonight show went on Thanksgiving night opener and have a lot until come with me any underlying mortgage go upstairs. Our report on him and something happens. Who knows far more about it. The winning it. But the shape here which might makes right from the heat of summer sun. He asked for more than an hour rollercoaster import lots of sunshine on June 21 the first twelve day. I company. You know we interviewed here we part. Even so much. Everything you eat. You know. But last year. Mason County. McCain will pick up a topless club. It backwards. I felt I was just. I am. And they let us. So I left work his way. On the one hand out yeah I should be a deal personal lives. And I Thursday. Aaron well let's go I think we're already gotten a mention that Harry had us. We've seen lately easy. Let's come down here. I you know this is flat rate so it's like. What can expect the all right guys really gal. Yeah. A how. When things are. That was really side. Women. Well yeah. All out. Well everybody I hope you enjoy that as much as I did. That was so much finding guilt which is one of the coast is opening up. Around the country this summer and may your summer be as exciting as Galle port the For more information take everybody have a great summer.

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{"id":48193344,"title":"New roller coaster GaleForce opens on Jersey Shore boardwalk","duration":"4:44","description":"ABC News' Genevieve Brown hosts from Ocean City, New Jersey.","url":"/Lifestyle/video/roller-coaster-gale-force-opens-jersey-shore-boardwalk-48193344","section":"Lifestyle","mediaType":"default"}